It is increasingly difficult to provide reliably affordable, accessible, efficient, and safe patient care. This manifests in problems such as declined transfers, ED and PACU boarding, avoidable days, and reliance on daily heroics.

Providers have invested in a range of tools to address these challenges: Lean, EMR, electronic bed boards, workflow software, and real-time location systems (RTLS). These tools are important but not sufficient to manage the “new normal” of >90% routine inpatient occupancy.

What’s missing is a central node with the information, authority, and wherewithal to anticipate, identify, and resolve bottlenecks, delays, and risk. This node is the healthcare analog to the air traffic control tower or NASA mission control.

GE Healthcare Camden Group helps clients to imagine, design, build, and activate command centers. Command center work is usually the centerpiece of an overall patient flow transformation. Command center design begins by crystallizing problems during the discovery phase. We lead clients through a problem-back design process to develop functional requirements, which may include functions, staff, location and floor plan, source systems, actions, analytics, and a multi-generational plan.

Once the design is approved, our team works with the client-selected architect to fully specify and build the space. In parallel, we integrate and build the Wall of Analytics™, which provides real-time decision support to center staff. Activation begins on go-live to fully embed the center into provider operations through operating mechanisms, procedures, and interactions. GE Healthcare drives the overall program, including the command center, from inception to sustainable outcomes.

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